Sight is getting more and more complex. It is possible to concentrate further development in many possible directions. We will use this feedback in making decissions, where to focus our attention. You will benefit from getting the new version, adapted in the way you need.

Sight is a GPL-licensed software, free for anyone to use. The program output is your property that we would never ask to disclose. However maybe you could check the items that, to your opinion, deserve the most attention of Sight development group:

Extending agent generators, by ..

.. adding new communication protocols (e-mail support, user autentification, newest wsdl versions, etc)

.. adding and improving methods for html processing

.. adding JavaScript support to access web pages that heavily use JavaScript

.. adding and improving methods for xml processing

.. adding methods for processing of other formats (rdf, owl, asn, etc)

Implementing more local algorithms (sequence classification, BLAST search, etc)

Extending Sight core, by ..

.. extending and improving workflow mechanism

.. extending Sight data structures, used to keep agent requests and responses

.. improving caching system, making cache statistics visible

.. implementing collection of agent work statistics

.. implementing possibility to store results in a database via JDBC bridge

Testing and fixing the found bugs

Creading documentation, by ..

.. improving built-in documentation (tool tips, built-in help and so on)

Writing a separate detailed user manual, describing how to use Sight for a non-programming user. The manual must provide more details ..:

.. about web agent generation

.. about Sight workflows

.. about logging the results

Writing a separate detailed user manual, describing how to use Sight for a programming user. The manual must provide more details ...

.. about using Sight generated agents in your java applicationsabout

.. about using Sight workflows in your java applications

.. about extending Sight core

.. about writing new agent generators

Improving download, installation and auto update, by

.. making installation simplier, easier and more user-friendly

.. extending and improving an auto update system

.. releasing variable smaller downloads (without BioQuery, without Weka, etc).

You think that it is important to have native installers (.exe, .bin, etc) rather than cross-platform .jar

About you (leave blank if desired)

You area of competence is:

.. informatics ..biology ..bioinformatics (leave all blank if other)

You know and use java programming language

Your use Sight under Windows LinuxMacOther

You are representing

Academic institution Commercial structure

Enter you name or instutution (leave blank if preferred)

Thank you very much for filling in this form.