package Sight.Generators;

import Sight.Agents.*;
import java.util.Map;
import java.lang.ref.Reference;
 * Interface for the abstract robot generator. Custom robot generator can be added by
 * implementing this interface.
 * This interface is very general. The implementing class must provide its own GUI
 * interface for displaying the provided content, performing different marking
 * and initiating the generation process. There are no any restrictions on
 * the code being generated. However if the generated agent is planned to use
 * inside the Sight system, it must be descenent of Agents.sightGeneratedAgent .

public interface abstractRobotGenerator {

  /** Add the text example for this robot generator, providing
   *  also all returned http headers, encloses in the response
   *  object. The base url is used, when possible, to resolve
   *  relative links inside the document.
   *  The String field .data contains the text of the html
   *  document. In the current Sight version, it is recommended
   *  just to delegate the call to addSample(CharSequence html, String base):
   *  addSample(, base).
  public abstract void addSample(ServerResponse response, String base);

  /** Add the text example for this robot generator.
   *  The base url is used, when possible, to resolve
   *  relative links inside the document.
  public abstract void addSample(CharSequence html, String base);

  /** Set information about the agent to be
   *  created. Immediatly before the generation
   *  (not earlier) the generator must obtain
   *  the data map by calling the getForm() method
   *  of the supplied form provider.
   *  The Form object provides information about the submission form
   *  and other agent parameters.
  void setFormProvider(formProvider f);
  /** Get additional information about this generator.
   *  It is allowed for this method to return null.
   *  Then the header will be the name of the implementing
   *  class, and it will be supposed, that multiple
   *  samples are not supported.
   *  The currently defined required objects are:
   *  <ol>
   *  <li>String header. The header, defining this generator,
   *  will be display in the different dialogs from the
   *  main Sight environment.</li>
   *  <li>Boolean multiple_samples</i>. If set to
   *  true, this means that the generator accepts multiple sample submissions.</li>
   *  </ol>*/
  Map getGeneratorDescrption();